• Domestic Violence

    Safe and Secure: Home Modifications for Domestic Abuse Survivors

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    A guest post by Nora Hood from Three Daily.   Mission Statement: At ThreeDaily, we believe that domestic violence is a form of domestic terrorism. Our mission is to raise awareness about the devastation domestic violence is causing in our communities by connecting and engaging with those seeking information about, writing about, and speaking out about domestic violence. For too long domestic violence has been swept under the rug. ThreeDaily brings it to the forefront. Image courtesy of Pixabay   As someone who came from an abusive situation, you can feel vulnerable beginning your new life.  It’s important to create an environment that helps you feel safe and secure.  With…

  • Domestic Violence

    Stepping Up: How to Help a Friend Who Was a Victim of Domestic Terrorism

    Guest Post by Nora Hood, threedaily.org Most people don’t consider domestic violence the same as domestic terrorism. But when you think about it, an act of terror in your home from an abusive partner is the epitome of domestic terrorism. In its simplest explanation, domestic terrorism is an attack on human rights, and the rights of the victim to feel safe and secure in their own home. People who suffer from domestic terrorism are caught in an ongoing cycle of violence and misery, and usually feel alone and helpless. But there is a way out, and through the support of close friends, family, and therapy, someone who has suffered through…