Substance Abuse

Craig Ferguson on Substance Abuse

I saw the video below on Upworthy.com and thought it was brilliant. Mr. Ferguson was honest about his own problems from the past and showed a great deal of empathy for those who are currently suffering from substance abuse issues. And of course, being who he is…the video was funny while maintaining the seriousness of the subject.


Well done, Mr. Ferguson. Well done. And thank you!

If you or someone you love has a problem there are places to get help, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (which I highly recommend for any type of substance abuse issue) and Al-Anon (support for loved ones) and Alateen (support for teens who have been affected by someone else’s drinking).

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Image by Tessy (Alcalá de Henares) at Morguefiles.com

I’ve posted about substance abuse issues previously

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs or if someone you love does – please seek help.



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