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    Safe and Secure: Home Modifications for Domestic Abuse Survivors

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    A guest post by Nora Hood from Three Daily.   Mission Statement: At ThreeDaily, we believe that domestic violence is a form of domestic terrorism. Our mission is to raise awareness about the devastation domestic violence is causing in our communities by connecting and engaging with those seeking information about, writing about, and speaking out about domestic violence. For too long domestic violence has been swept under the rug. ThreeDaily brings it to the forefront. Image courtesy of Pixabay   As someone who came from an abusive situation, you can feel vulnerable beginning your new life.  It’s important to create an environment that helps you feel safe and secure.  With…

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    Stepping Up: How to Help a Friend Who Was a Victim of Domestic Terrorism

    Guest Post by Nora Hood, threedaily.org Most people don’t consider domestic violence the same as domestic terrorism. But when you think about it, an act of terror in your home from an abusive partner is the epitome of domestic terrorism. In its simplest explanation, domestic terrorism is an attack on human rights, and the rights of the victim to feel safe and secure in their own home. People who suffer from domestic terrorism are caught in an ongoing cycle of violence and misery, and usually feel alone and helpless. But there is a way out, and through the support of close friends, family, and therapy, someone who has suffered through…

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    Children’s Wishes

    “I just want everyone to be smilin’.” I’m not sure of the backstory relating to this video, but I think it makes a point about children’s wishes, especially when parents are divorced or separated. Besides, the child is intelligent and adorable. 🙂 Going through a rough time with your child’s other parent? Watch this. When I did custody investigations, the number one wish of nearly 100% of the children I spoke to was “for mom and dad not to fight anymore”.   Originally posted on RhondaHopkins.com.

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    Craig Ferguson on Substance Abuse

    I saw the video below on Upworthy.com and thought it was brilliant. Mr. Ferguson was honest about his own problems from the past and showed a great deal of empathy for those who are currently suffering from substance abuse issues. And of course, being who he is…the video was funny while maintaining the seriousness of the subject.   Well done, Mr. Ferguson. Well done. And thank you! If you or someone you love has a problem there are places to get help, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (which I highly recommend for any type of substance abuse issue) and Al-Anon (support for loved ones) and Alateen (support for teens who have been affected by…

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    I’m excited about my guest today. Author Kassandra Lamb is visiting with great parenting tips. Not only is she a parent herself, so she’s had plenty of hands on experience; but she  is also a retired psychotherapist, so she has the professional credentials as well.   ~~~   Hi, everyone! I’m a retired psychotherapist and psychology professor who now writes mysteries in my old age. (Note from Rhonda: She isn’t old.) Today I’m talking about child development and parenting. Some of these things may surprise you; others, you’ll be thinking Well, duh. Number one’s probably in the well, duh category. 1.  Parents are the most influential people in their children’s lives.…

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    Patrick Stewart Speaks Out About Domestic Violence

    I haven’t written a post about domestic violence in a little while. So I just want to share some different posts highlighting Patrick Stewart and his campaign to bring awareness and the end to domestic violence. In a speech at the UN New York Hotel, March 8, 2013, Stewart said, “Violence against women is the single greatest human rights violation of our generation.”  And, he calls for One Million Men to end the violence against women. If you haven’t seen it yet – here is the amazing speech he gave for Amnesty International: And this is a post by a young woman who recently had the chance to meet Patrick…

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    Domestic Violence: A Personal Story

    Domestic Violence is a huge issue in today’s world. I want to reach as many people as possible in order to help those that need it. And, I know that sometimes it helps more when you hear about someone else who has been there. Someone who has walked in your shoes and survived. So today’s guest, Michelle Wright, has bravely offered up her story. She is a survivor and she tries to reach out and help those who need it. This is my story. I stayed too long…don’t let it happen to you.  Michelle. There are no other names in my story and some situations have been changed for reasons…

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    Addiction Resource List

    This is just a quick post. I saw this list of 20 Truly Exceptional Alcohol Addiction Resources and thought it might be helpful to some. My friend, Darlene Steelman, made the list and she is a true inspiration. If you haven’t checked out her blog — you should. Although, she is no longer blogging at that link, she has kept the website active. Dig around in her posts – you’re sure to find something helpful.   Originally published on rhondahopkins.com. This post may have been edited to fit the needs for this site.

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    Co-Parenting and Summer Access

    It’s summer. The glory days of youth. Most kids are out of school at least part of the season and they’ll be ready to spend time with both parents. Have you read your divorce/custody decree about who’s supposed to have your child and when during this time? No? You may want to. In most instances, you’re going to see that the parent who does not have primary custody should have a good chunk of the summer. Read the details carefully. If you’re the non-primary parent, you may be able to choose when you want the child, but you probably have to give notice (usually in writing) in advance. The amount…